Do you know that the anti-aging/weight loss industry is one of, if not the, most explosive industries in the United States right now. 

And what are the results? 

We are struggling with weight and weight-related diseases more than any time in history, and there is no sign of stopping. 

Colorado used to be the only state in the United States to have a 15-19% obesity rate (the lowest in the nation), but now that the Center for Disease Control has updated its statistics for 2010, we are above 20%, and growing. 

Colorado Springs is not immune to these statistics, even though we are a relatively active city. 

And Type II Diabetes is following suit, increasing along with obesity rates. 

Not only is this a terribly sad state of affairs, ruining lives and (sometimes) relationships left and right, it is also financially dangerous. 

Kaiser Permanente says that $1 out of every $10 spent in the US on health care is spent on diabetes, and that diabetes patients have medical costs that are 230% higher than those without diabetes. 

If you live in Colorado Springs, and you are struggling with weight loss, and you are still under the allusion that it is no big deal, please keep reading. 

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